Neater Feeder For Dogs and Cats Review

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Neater Feeder For Dogs and Cats Review

Neater Feeder to the rescue! Do you deal with messy feeding areas in your home? My dog and my cat always seem to make a mess with their food and their water. Recently we installed wood floors in the kitchen and living area and water spills have become a concern. Spilled water left sitting on wood floors could cause irreparable damage and warping to my new wood floors. The solution to my pet feeding problems, the Neater Feeder.

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The unique design of the Neater Feeder keeps the mess off your floors and contained in the feeding unit. This is a mess proof pet feeder. Spilled water will drain to the bottom and any food spills will be caught in the top portion of the unit keeping food and water separate.


Different Sizes Available

The Neater Feeder comes in large, medium, small and cat sizes to fit any animals needs. There are leg extensions available to help make sure you have the correct height for your animal. The Neater Feeder website has an easy sizing chart for your animal so that you can order the right size. Any animal large or small can now have a feeder that fits them. They say larger dogs should have food bowls that are elevated to improve their digestion and comfort while eating. Messy problems solved with the Neater Feeder.

The Neater Feeder comes with 2 stainless steel bowls which are easy to clean and very durable. The feeder comes in a selection of 2 different stylish colors, cranberry and bronze. I chose the cranberry color and it looks very nice in my kitchen. Nothing like a little fashion decor for your dog and cat feeding areas.

When I first set the Neater Feeder up Diesel was a little hesitant to approach this new contraption. I had to laugh because as soon as I threw a couple of pieces of chicken in with his regular dog food all hesitation was over. We have the medium-sized  Neater Feeder for Diesel. Perfect size for my little buddy!


I am so happy that I now own a Neater Feeder! We used to use a mat under my dog, Diesel’s, food bowls but it never contained the mess only he knows how to make. The walls and floor are now protected from spills. Now to get one for my messy cat! She too has a mat under her bowl but still manages to scatter cat food all over.


Shop Neater Feeders here they have the perfect size feeder for your pet. Anyone that has a dog or cat would love to have this in their house. The Neater Feeder will make a great Christmas gift idea for any pet owner.

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