Happy Tales Publishing Children’s Book Review

Thank you to Happy Tales Publishing for sending me Happy’s Christmas Gift and Happy as a Fox books to reviewPlease note that I was not paid for this review and all thoughts on this product are my own honest opinions.

Happy Tales Publishing Children’s Book Review



Happy’s Christmas Gift

“Will Happy make it home in time for Christmas?”

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Happy As A Fox 


These books were a pleasure to read to my children. Now, I can’t wait to share them with my grandchildren this Christmas!! It is not very often anymore where you find books that have so much  feeling mixed with traditional storytelling and an amazing character  like “Happy”.  I can’t think of a single child I know, that would not love to receive either of these books as a gift this Christmas. Any child would love to learn and read about Happy’ s adventures that take him to a magical land where he discovers that dreams can come true and also the gift of giving rather than receiving. And the biggest question of all ….Will happy make it home in time for Christmas??

Each book came with a FREE Happy poster that is now proudly displayed in the kids bedroom. We also received a stuffed “Happy in a Santa Outfit” that sat and read our books with us. These books can be enjoyed by children of all ages. As a parent , my favorite books to read with my children have always been the books that spark the conversations of “teachable moments” and these two books have them for sure. Yes, the conversation that takes place with your 3 year old will be much different than the conversation you  have with your 8 and 10 year old when the last page is turned and the book is finished. But the life lessons will stay with them forever. 


Geoff Parker Sr is the author of these wonderful Happy books. He is also the owner of  Happy Tales Publishing. Lisa Fox is the illustrator for all of his books. Although Geoff Parker Sr begin writing his own stories as a child he did not become published until much later in life. Mr Parker suffered from Asthma as a child, sometimes it would keep him in bed for weeks. It was those times he remembers having nothing to do but write his own stories. He was an only child,grew up on a farm in Bermuda surrounded by many animals, spending most of his time with his dog Sandy. It is my assumption after reading the dedication in the book Happy as A Fox that “Happy” was also a dog in Mr. Parker’s life at some point as well. Born and raised in Bermuda, a true Islander Geoff can trace his mothers ancestry back to the 1600’s. It was there that he started yet another business venture, Happy Tales Publishing

Support the Happy Cause 

The author Geoff Parker Sr. does not write these books for profit. At Happy Tales Publishing they try to get something back to cover the costs for the next book but they give away more than they sell. Happy has a Cause which we want to share with you. For every six books sold individually on the the website, Happy will will give two books to a Children’s Hospital in North America, for seriously ill or terminally ill children. If anyone wishes for books to go to a specific hospital for Children then there is a button to click so that you can e mail Happy Tales Publishing with their name and address and if there is a special patient send them their name and they will make sure they get a book and a Happy Toy in time for Christmas.

You can truly tell Geoff Parker Sr. wants Happy to become every child’s friend. His joy comes from the joy in the little kids face as they become friends with little Happy. Although not available in stores in the US, except NH, these books can be purchased online at Happytalespublishing.com they are available in hardcover and paperback and both come with a free poster and Happy’s Christmas gift also comes with a small stuffed “Happy”. Right now through January 31st, 2015 you can find a 45% discount on Happy Christmas specials. There are a variety of combinations to meet everyone’s needs.

So  don’t wait order now the Holidays are just around the corner I would hate for you to miss the opportunity to give the gift of entertaining education to your child or grandchild this Holiday Season this gift that will entertain and educate them. I will be ordering more books to support the “Happy Cause” and get some of the wonderful books sent out to the children in need. Happy is sad to see so many children in hospitals and knows that his stories can make these worried and frightened kids smile for a while and gain hope from the life lessons in the books.

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