California Delicious – A Perfect Gift for Anyone

Thank you to California Delicious for sending me the Winner’s Circle Gourmet Gift Basket for the purpose of this review. I was not paid for this review. All opinions are my own.

California Delicious – A Perfect Gift for Anyone

If the measure of a good gift is the amount of pleasure you receive from it, then California Delicious has perfected gift giving. Picture a basket full of goodies that calls to your taste buds when you look at it. Imagine so many choices you don’t know where to start. The basket is so attractive you almost hate to take it apart, almost….


California Delicious has made the man of our house VERY happy this week. It wasn’t always that way. Last week when the California Delicious Winner’s Circle Gourmet Gift Basket arrived my husband was told “this is a Christmas gift and no you may not open it.” After repeated attempts to persuade me to let him open the basket, I had a great idea. His birthday was in one week and this basket of deliciousness was going to be a great birthday present.


I have to chuckle because until I actually gave my husband the gift basket I was worried he would sneak some snacks out of it. For at least 3 nights in a row he all but begged me to let him open this basket. Little did he know all the snacks would be his in just a few short days. Needless to say the hubby had a Happy Birthday!

This Winner’s Circle Gourmet Gift Basket is appropriately named. You definitely feel like a winner giving or receiving this basket. This basket of deliciousness is filled with a wide variety of delicious gourmet snacks. Any person I know would love and appreciate a gift from California Delicious. Did I mention how nice the basket is? The basket is well made, has two handles and I can’t wait to find a perfect spot for it in my house.


What’s In The Basket?

Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider- 750 ml
1- Dancing Bear Salsa- 12 oz
1- Ghirardelli Masterpiece chocolates- 4.4 oz
1- Mexisnacks Chips- 14.0 oz
1- Nunes Farms Almonds- 3.0 oz
1- Nunes Farms Mocha Almonds- 3.0 oz
1- Too Good Gourmet Cranberry Pecan cookies- 7.0 oz
1- Fontazzi Pretzels- 2.0 oz
1- Truffle Cookies- 2.5 oz
1- Bruscetta- 3.5 oz
1- Cheese – 3. 75 oz
1- Sonoma Cheese Straws – 2.0 oz

We were thrilled with the amount of things packed inside the basket we have received from California Delicious. They do an amazing job selecting the best products to include in their baskets. California Delicious is strategically located between San Francisco and the famous wine country of Napa and Sonoma counties, they love having the finest California products close at hand. Their buyers are always on the lookout for the tastiest local specialties: roasted almonds from the Central Valley, renowned chocolates from Ghirardelli Square, the freshest fruit from the Golden State, creamy cheeses from Sonoma Square and crisp Chardonnays from the Central Coast.

California Delicious offers a selection of high quality gift baskets for every taste and price range. Choose between, Coffee & Tea Gifts, Gourmet Food Gifts, Chocolate Gifts, Wine Gifts, Fruit Gifts, Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him, Gifts under $30 and more! You can view the full line of baskets from California Delicious by going to their website HERE.

Right now if you visit the California Delicious website you can SAVE 15% off a $75 order. The perfect gift to send to family and friends who live far or near. Don’t forget to follow California Delicious on Facebook, Twitter &Pinterest!



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