10 Stage Drinking Water Filter Krazy Review

Thanks to New Wave Enviro for sending me a 10 Stage Drinking Water Filter to review. I was not paid for this review. These are my own, honest opinions.

10 Stage Drinking Water Filter Krazy Review


For this holiday season “Give the gift that Gives Fresh Water 365 days a year”. As a society we have degraded our drinking water due to our poor environmental habits. Whether your water comes from a municipality or a well let me assure you there are toxins in our waters. While a municipality  filters the water before it is delivered to your home, there are allowable amounts of toxins that they can leave in the water. There are many chemicals that are not regulated and there is no legal specifications to restrict what amount of certain chemicals can be in the water. This means that certain chemicals can be found in any given amount.

The current trend of people buying bottled water is not good for our environment. The plastic bottles are piling up and leaching toxins back into our environment. I say enough is enough. With a product like the 10 Stage Drinking Water Filter you and I can make a real environmental impact, for the good! The 10 State Drinking Water Filter will make a great gift for your family  and you will be protecting their health and the earth. Win, win if you ask me. I was very excited to receive this water filter for review.


I immediately attached this filter to my kitchen sink after receiving it in the mail. The first thing I noticed was how much better my coffee tasted using this filtered water and I love my coffee! There are so many beneficial aspects to having clean clean water beside just having good drinking water. After a little research I am convinced no on should be without an in home water filter. Did you know the chlorine used to filter our water kills both the good and bad bacteria that our intestinal tracts need? So, if you take probiotics you should also be filtering the chlorine out of your water.


There is no plumbing required to attach the 10 Stage Drinking Water Filter to a standard faucet. It only took me five minutes to get this set up in my kitchen. However, if you have a fancy non-standard faucet you can easily convert this filter to an undersink installation with the Enviro Conversion Kit. The filters for this product can process 1,500 gallons of water before you need to change it. That is enough to last a family of four at least 12 months. Replacement cartridges are available anytime by visiting the New Wave Enviro website.



It is very easy to grab a glass of water once this filter is attached to your sink. When you first hook this up you should let water run through it to prep your filter and wash out any loose resins fines. When you want a glass of water you pull out the pin on the diverter valve connected to the faucet. When you are done turn the water off and make sure to push the pin back in to return to tap water. Note of caution if you do not turn the water off and simply force the pin while the water is running you could wear out the pin prematurely.

I currently have a Brita Pitcher that we use for our drinking water. I was able to compare the taste of the filtered water from the Brita versus the 10 Stage Water Filter and the 10 Stage Water Filter device produced a cleaner, crisper, tasting water. The 10 Stage Water Filter, filters out more chemicals than the Brita and I will not have to change filters every two months. This means a reduction in waste and products being used for clean drinking water. When you buy a package of Brita replacement filters they are quite pricey. I am going to have safer, cleaner water and save money with this system.

My final thought is, if you’re looking for a water filtration system that really works and will provide you safe, cleaner, better tasting water this system is worth the money. In fact after looking at other in home water filtration systems this is a great price. A premium product at an affordable price. Amazon has some great deals on this product take a look here New Wave Enviro 10 Stage Water Filter System. I promise you will love this product and you won’t be disappointed!

After researching the company New Wave Enviro, I am happy to report they are very customer oriented and will help resolve any issues should they arise. New Wave Enviro is a family owned company, based in Greenwood Village Colorado, has offered money saving, green-living products for over 20 years. Check out New Wave Enviro’s complete line of Enviro Filters, BpA Free Enviro Bottles, Seriously Safe Stainless® Steel Bottles and Litter Free Lunch™ Products help to improve the quality of life while creating earth-friendly alternatives.

Make sure you visit New Wave Enviro’s Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @NewWaveEnviro. Let’s do our part and support our Eco-Friendly, USA businesses with a like and a follow.


 The Details


• Chlorine and Chloramines

• Herbicides and Pesticides

• Hydrogen Sulfide (rotten egg odor)

• Trihalomethanes

• Microorganisms such as cysts and protozoa

• Heavy metals like lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.

• Organic Arsenic

• PCBs

• Asbestos

• And dozens of other contaminants!




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